Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sleepy Head

Here's my "sleepyhead" post for Donna's FFFF.
Sage, my sleeping beauty, had to try out her new nighty & slippers...

I don't have many pics of them sleeping, I had to dig to find these precious pictures of Sophie and Sage on their "Gotcha Day".

Happy to see they both fit perfectly in my arms

Sophie and Dad ~ Day 2 ~ I love this picture!

I'll never forget this amazing day. At age 3, they knew what was going on, and they were so scared and sad to leave the only home they've ever known. It didn't take long for them to bond very tightly to us. They know how much they're loved and it's great to see how happy they are in their new home and new family. I often catch them talking about their brother's... Everyday they ask about them while they're at school- "Where did Nick go?", "Where is Josh?" and Trevor? This is their version of the ABC's... "ABCDEFGHIJK mommy, daddy, LMNOP..." Glad to see they're thinking of us in the middle of reciting their ABC's :) They are a joy and worth all the work, energy, and sacrifice children deserve.

We are working on a video of our journey to our girls. We didn't post much of our trip after getting our girls (wonder why?), so watch for it coming soon...


Lisa said...

Beautiful family! Love your photos and collages!

Anonymous said...

Sophie and Sage are so gorgeous! And they look like they've been yours forever! Were they really 3 when you got them (or was that a typo)?


Dianne said...


Thanks, we feel like they've been ours forever. No typo, they've spent their first 3 years in an orphanage. We found them when they just turned 2 and it took us a very long year to bring them home. Tiny aren't they, they fit into 2T, but they are healthy, happy, and growing fast little girls.

Hope little Maddy get's feeling well real soon. Your girls are just beautiful and look so happy together.