Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Enjoying Little Gym...

This is the last time I'm able to take some up close pics of Sophie and Sage in their Little Gym class. Next week, they'll be going to an older class- without mom by their side. Cross your fingers that they'll go! They haven't felt comfortable yet going anywhere without a family member right by their side. We are easing them into this. I hope it will be a good, positive experience for them to make that next step and know that we will never leave them- for good. I'm not surprised at their fears, with all they've been through. I know this will help prepare them for pre-school.

The teachers are impressed at how athletic, coordinated, strong, and limber Sophie and Sage are. Many children from an orphanage haven't had opportunities to develop these skills. We are so pleased at the care our girls received!

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Stacey Teague said...

Ryleigh is the same, very coordinated, and strong, with amazing balance!!! I think that the XinYi girls were allowed to explore and exercise alot!! Sage and Sophie are adorable in their gym class!!!!