Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Six month Anniversary

Six months ago today we were finally able to hold our little girls for the first time. The time has gone by fast, and I can't imagine life without them. Many people have asked about their language and how they're doing. From the start, they have understood what we say very well. Because they communicate with each other, they held on to their Chinese language longer but have been trying hard to grasp English. Now they very rarely speak Cantonese (hate to lose that, even on a 3 year old level) but we are happy to see them learn more english even if we can't understand it all (twin language?). They love to sing and have learned a lot through children's songs. They are little chatter boxes and it's so cute to hear them tell you stories. They speak in full sentences and are saying more each day. In other areas, they still sleep well, eat good (but getting more picky), take naps (tend to be getting shorter), potty trained (yae!) and are slowly branching out to others. We are working on teaching them boundaries (they are learning quick, but they came to us very active and strong willed), not being so scared when mom or dad leave, and all the other fun stuff 3 year olds need to learn. They are turning into to little ladies and we love them dearly.

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