Thursday, November 15, 2007

FFFF Dressed for the Weather / pre-school update

We are having a long, wonderful fall. What a treat! Lately, Autumn has been very short and is gone before you know it. Although snow is around the corner (kids can't wait), for now we are enjoying these light jacket days. Visit Lissa's post to get a taste of weather in other areas.

I just took this shot of my girls on their way to pre-school this morning. Dressed for the weather and ready to go. They have loved pre-school. They go to one at a local high-school, there are some not so great, but this particular one is awesome. Can't beat a 1 to 1.5 ratio. The HS girls just adore the children and with all the help, they're able to do so much each week. They gather around them, teach them, love them, help them... The teachers just light up when they see Sophie and Sage and I have heard more then once how they are their favorite (shhh, I won't tell :). I'm sure they love all the children. They are very organized with great communication and an open door policy. They even have neat field trips for more hands on experience, firemen & firetruck came to their school last week. Sophie and Sage are excited to go, and thrilled to show me all the stuff they do when I pick them up. It's been a good experience and I'm so glad they enjoy it (they've come a long way being able to leave my side). My only fear now is they won't like Kindergarten so much because pre-school was soo great.

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-m- said...

Cute pictures! And sounds like you have a great pre-school!