Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Girls and their Dolls


Sophie and Sage had fun playing with their favorite dolls from Shamain Island.
These keepsake pictures were taken with the ones for Paul's office, after a quick change of clothes. S and S were getting a bit tired of smiling on cue, but they were troopers and I'm thrilled with the pics! So glad I got them before they grow out of their Cheongsam dresses. Getting close.
The first picture made me laugh... as the photographer was setting S & S up with their dolls and showing them some poses, they kept putting their dolls on their head. The photographer decided to humor them and took the candid shot... it's one of my favorites:) I thought she captured some great, natural shots of the girls, especially the individual pics.

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Lindsay said...

They're SO cute!! We miss them!