Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fun with Danny & Lindsay

Sophie and Sage are very blessed to have Danny and Lindsay in their lives, we all are! They are their awesome primary teachers, and much more...

Here's how much they've enjoyed Danny and Lindsay-
While we were in Chicago, S & S spent some fun-filled days with them- only the best for our girls!

Sage- yellow, Sophie- purple

Since they rarely accept babysitting money, we thank them in other ways- dinner, etc. this was our favorite...

Yuba Lake in September, Sage & Lindsay

Danny and Lindsay both got up on the wakeboard :)

Happy couple in Maui a couple weeks ago, making us jealous

Thanks for the heavenly chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts

Gotta love the Maui Santa

Right after they came back, they called to hang out with Sophie and Sage- took them to Cold Stone- they know what our girls like...

They even took Sophie and Sage to a lively party at Chuckee Cheese last week. They had a ball!

We love you Danny & Lindsay!!

They are the best! Some of the most thoughtful people I know. It took awhile before we were able to leave our girls with anyone. They are some of the first people we have left them with and have played a key role in helping Sophie and Sage develop trust in others. In their fun filled and loving ways, they have kept our girls happy, content, and comforted while mom & dad are away, knowing that we will come back soon. S & S have made them part of our family and have added our last name to theirs :). They are also involved in our boys lives, always keeping up with what they are doing. Danny has involved Nick, and some other boys his age, in the adult church Basketball league. Always making sure he gets a ride, and giving him good BBall tips, etc. Doesn't get much better then that. There will be some sad eyes when they move next summer. They have worked hard and we're so happy for them. We're thrilled they chose USC for Dental school, we'll just have to visit often.


Lindsay said...

You guys are too nice! Thanks for the Monday morning fix :)

M3 said...

Oh man, Danny and Lindsay sound awesome!! S&S's huge smiles say it all, don't they? said...

What a double blessing to have two really great people in their young lives! Love the holiday music.