Friday, December 21, 2007

Year at a Glance

The above pictures were taken on Thanksgiving in my mom's back yard (mom wanted pictures of everyone). Yae, finally family pics for our Christmas cards. Here's a copy of our Christmas letter...

Wishing our family and friends a Merry Christmas and a delightful new year! Hope you’re all doing well and have had a wonderful 2007. We love hearing from you and all about you and yours.Here are a few 2007 highlights.

Nick (15) is only months away from getting his driver’s license. Beware! He’s really a good driver, just gave us a few extra wrinkles/ gray at first. He's paying for his first car and can’t wait to drive it without an adult by his side. He’s enjoying his High School experience (3.8 GPA). He’s had fun on the swim team, striving to get the 500 meter under 7 minutes, almost there! He’s President of the teacher’s quorum and very close to earning his Eagle. He endured (& enjoyed) the Pioneer Trek last summer, conquered slalom skiing, learned to wakeboard, and enjoys basketball with the ward and on his spare time. He’s turning into a fine young man and is a good big brother!

Josh (13) received his Duty to God last month. He & Nick started the year performing in Broadway Kidz at the local theatre. Well done! He played tackle football for the first time this year. It was hard, but enjoyable for the most part. He likes basketball and playing with his friends on a Jr. Jazz team. He’s involved in scouts and serves as a counselor in his deacon’s quorum. Josh is enjoying Jr. High and hanging out with his friends as much as possible. He’s a great kid!

Trevor (9) is our busybody. He played flag football this year and is ready to play tackle next year, like his brother. He was proud to show off his battle wounds and come home dirty and tired. His team was undefeated and he loved every minute of it. He is now playing Jr. Jazz basketball for the first time. He has a ways to go, but he’s enjoying it. He surprised us all and got up on water ski’s last summer, first time! He enjoys school and is a little mathematician. He loves having little shadows (Sophie & Sage) follow him around and being their big brother.

Sophie and Sage (4) are blossoming. They are exuberant and cheerful little girls. They have adjusted and bonded very well! Although a little rough on the edges, they have gone from scared little girls that won’t leave our side, to confident, trusting pre-schoolers. They are passionate about life and have a smile to melt your heart. They certainly know how to fend for themselves, what got them through their time in the orphanage, yet they are very loving and compassionate towards others. They love pre-school, little gym, and enjoyed dance last summer. Most of all, they enjoy their family. They keep us laughing and we feel incredibly blessed to have them!

Paul is still the new car manager- Honda. He works hard and enjoys training the salesmen and helping people find the best car for them. It’s a great dealership, of course it’s unpredictable at times, but he is doing well and we are thankful for his hard work and dedication. He enjoys his time with his family, enjoying his boys (loves having teenagers) and loving his daughters, not to mention his wonderful wife- hee hee, had to sneak that in. We enjoyed teaching our kids to slalom & wakeboard throughout the summer while visiting the beautiful lakes, and some fabulous alone time in Chicago last September.

I am very thankful to be home while our girls are young, like I was with our boys. They are often on the go and love to get out and do stuff, they are delightful and such a joy in my life! I’ve had to simplify things at times, being a mother of 5 now, but I feel very blessed and have enjoyed each one of my children, not to mention their fabulous father. Paul is involved with the Boy Scouts as Committee Chairman and I choose and direct the music in Sacrament Meeting each week, yikes!

We are very blessed with good friends and family. May we all spend time to reflect on our Savior now and throughout the year.

Paul, Dianne
Nick, Josh, Trevor, Sophie, & Sage