Saturday, December 15, 2007

"The Roof"

We've wanted to do this for awhile now- get all dressed up and take our boys to "The Roof" for a fine dining experience hoping all the "restaurant manners" we taught them stick. We made our reservations early to be here in December and enjoy the Christmas lights as we overlook Temple Square and the city. It was beautiful, and so fun to be here with our boys! This will be a new tradition for sure, can't wait to take the girls!

Me and my boys

They showed great etiquette well, if slouching for pictures doesn't count and they enjoyed the scrumptious meal, the music, the lights...

I think Trevor liked the hot chocolate with whipped topping best

Happy to treat our family

Paul chatting with the pianist after a good tip, he was great and played each song our boys requested, Paul even snuck a request in, one of my favorites!

Handsome crew waiting for car
Love my boys!!

We'll give the girls a few more years before their first fine dining experience, after all, who can beat Chuckee Cheese's with Danny & Lindsay, they had a ball.