Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick

Nick is turning 16 today!

He's such a fun big brother! S & S think the world of him

He's a true friend! and cousin, cute little Caleb hanging out on his shoulders

A great swimmer

His first car! Honda, Honda!

He's worked hard, getting good grades, earning his Eagle, Duty to God... Can you tell I'm excited to have another driver in the house! He's getting his license today... Yikes ;)

Nick, wasn't it just yesterday you were learning to tie your shoes... write your name... ride your bike? It has been so fun watching you grow into a fine young man. Of course you have your teenage moments, but you have been such a joy! You have become so responsible, funny, and smart. Just a great kid! Keep it up Nick, continue to be your best and remember- we love you tons!

Lets hear your shout out wishing Nick a Happy 16th...


Sophie's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Nick! And your first car? Woo hoo!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Happy 16th to your sweet boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nick! I'm sorry I'm late to wish you a great time! It looks like you enjoyed the day!

Yay! A car; I bet you were super excited! Be safe; I did some pretty stupid things when I first got my license and could drive without my parents... (don't tell, hehe!)

Love you!

licorice stick lady said...

Cool a car! Wow the big 16! I remember that day, except I think I got a matchbox car, not a real one. Hey Dianne, Hate to break this to ya, but the baby on Nick's shoulders is not James! It's Caleb. :) That was taken at Grandma Burt's B-Day party, James wasn't quite there yet. :) He he he!

Dianne said...

Thanks for the correction Leslie. I'll change it on the blog to make it right for the scrapbook. Who can forget cute little Caleb, my bad for the mix up.