Saturday, February 02, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Lindsay... I better get to it before I forget

A) Four jobs I've had in my life
1. Pacific Design- designer
2. Accelerated Blinds & Custom Window Treatments (our own business)
3. Taught Math & Language Arts - Summit Academy
4. Window & Store Display at the Mall

B) Four movies I could watch over and over
1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. While you were Sleeping
4. Sleepless in Seattle

C) Four places I have lived
1. Here
2. LA
3. Rexburg
4. Centerville

D) Four shows that I watch
1. News
2. American Idol
3. Dora the Explorer :)
4. Life's too exciting for TV ;), or too busy

E) Four places I have been
1. Hawaii
2. China
3. Bahamas
4. Mexico

F) People who email me regularly
1. Paul
2. Val
3. Jan
4. Crystal

G) Four of my favorite foods
1. Orange & Banana Salad
2. Avacado
3. Paul's Rotisserie Chicken
4. VooDoo salad from Rumbi Grill

H) Four places I would rather be right now
1. On the beach, anywhere warm
2. African Safari
3. On an Alaskan Cruise, even if it's cold
4. Sleeping in my new, comfy bed

I) Four folks I think will respond
1. Becky
2. Tammy
3. Crystal
4. Mia's mom

J) Things I am looking forward to in the next 12 months
1. Taking our girls to the beach & Disneyland- first time
2. My big news, I'll tell you soon- no, I'm not expecting Rony, too funny
3. Hiking Zions during Spring Break
4. Boating and Wake boarding this summer with family & friends

K) Four goals for the New year
1. Get to bed earlier
2. Spend more time preparing healthy meals, add variety.
3. Read the Book of Mormon again, been a few years
4. Be the best mom & wife I can

L) Four gifts I got for Christmas
1. Surround Sound speakers for my room from my sweetie
2. A new "My Comfort" mattress, love it!
3. Silk PJ's
4. My favorite "homemade" necklace from Trevor

M) Four places I want to visit
1. Alaska
2. Europe
3. N.Y.C.
4. China, again

N) Four things you didn't know about me
1. My house used to always be clean, hmm, wonder what happened
2. I hate curry
3. Paul & I first met with a wrong telephone number, best mistake ever
4. I'm a daredevil and I like a challenge

O) Four things I wish I was better at
1. Digital Photography
2. Singing
3. Not being such a perfectionist
4. Getting enough sleep

P) Four things I can cook without a recipe
1. Cicken Enchiladas
2. Chicken Parmesan
3. Lasagna
4. No Bake cookies

Q) Four musicians I really love
1. Josh Groban
2. Celine Dion
3. Gwen Steffani
4. Enya

I tag.... Becky, Tammy, Crystal, Mia's mom


Anne said...


That is too funny! Eric and I met on a wrong phone number too! Eric said that he had the strongest impression that he should keep me on the phone!

Anne ;o)

Livin' out loud said...

What a beautiful family!!

Danny & Lindsay said...

Hey! There is a salad @ Zupas called the "summer chicken" salad or something. It's amazing. You (or we) should go get one sometime. Sad you don't like curry, maybe you haven't tried the right one yet . . . ;)

Danny & Lindsay said...

Are you sure you don't want to wait till August '08 to head to Disneyland . . . kidding! You'll just have to make another trip to see us!!!

Beckyb said...

What a great blog - it's my first time here and I added it to my bloglines - I'll be back!!!

Thanks for tagging me - now I need to get to work!!! :)

Tammy said...

Can't wait to hear about your big news! Thanks for tagging me! I jsut finished it. Fun!


Dianne said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I've enjoyed reading your tags and getting to know many of you better.
Lindsay, I love Zupas but I've only had their yummy soup, so when do you want to go?
Well, I'll take the challenge, but it would take a lot for me to like curry, maybe covered in deep dark chocolate :). I'll have to try Simply Thai, or if I'm brave, your curry chicken. I'm sure it's great knowing your cooking, if you like curry that is:)

emiflute said...

Wow! Great new look to the blog- not that your old one was bad.
Anyways, I really enjoyied reading your answers to the tag! There was quite a bit I didn't know about you there! (I'm not much of a curry fan either- it's okay)

Anonymous said...

Wow Di! I didn't know that you and Paul met with a wrong number! That is amazing!

I too love the new look of your blog! Did you make it scroll like that yourself by editing HTML, or did you use a template? Either way, could you please tell me how to do it, or give me a link to the template you used? Thanks!

I have to get to work and fill out all the questions.. I think I have a good idea of who I'll tag next!

Dianne said...

I'm not that brave yet to edit my HTML without good direction, from you or Paul, although I made a back up copy before I did this so I felt good about changing things. For this I used a template at There are a lot of cute ones.
I'll have to share the details of how Paul and I met sometime. Maybe for Valentines- I'd love to hear others too. X0X0X
Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like curry Emily :)

Danny & Lindsay said...

Yes, it was an INCREDIBLE GAME!!! I ate way too much that night but was later satisfied knowing that instead of overdosing on cake, it was the fresh pineapple and mangoes that did me in.
I could go whenever. Fridays are usually the best for me. Mon-Thursdays are often spent preparing for quizzes, tests, and assignments.

Danny & Lindsay said...

oh yes, the curry I make is pretty mild, so there is a chance you may like it. We'll have to plan something, but have an alternative dish for you just in case. Wow, I'm quickly becoming the comment-Queen of this post!