Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope it was sweet!


Danny & Lindsay said...

Those outfits are WAY too cute! What did you guys do?

Crystal's Digipages said...

So cute! Their hair is getting so long!

Dianne said...

Thanks guys, they liked their new valentine skirts.
Paul has been in training all week so we celebrated Valentines early this year and escaped the crowds. We had a tasty dinner at Lonestar Steak House. I had the Bourbon (cooked out:) Salmon and Paul ordered the Cajun Ribeye- we just had to share, it was a nice variety. Then we shared and relished their Hot Fudge Brownie w/ Vanilla Bean ice cream. On the day we exchanged gifts- Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolates and romantic movies, doesn't get much better then that :)
The girls had a great time at their Valentines party at school then we decorated cupcakes at home. With such a blizzard, we didn't get out to deliver, but stayed cozy and warm at home.
What did you guys do?