Monday, April 21, 2008

Bare Feet, Flip Flops & Football...

Sophie and Sage doing their homework. They ask to do homework every day. They also quickly correct me if I say they go to pre-school. "It's just school mom, not pre-school." After all, they are 4!

The girls found my red nail polish and asked to get their nails painted, cutest little flip flop feet! I'm just glad they asked and didn't paint it themselves, as independant as they are. We're thrilled it's warm enough, barely, to wear flip flops!

Trevor had another good game, and this time they didn't freeze. A big change from last weeks game. Way to go Sun Devils!

Trevor's biggest fans!!


Anonymous said...

Just found you through M3. My own daughter and her Jiangxi Princess live nearby--I think--West Jordan looks as though it might be close judging from the pics. S & S are adorable. Hope you don't mind me dropping by on occasion.

Pat from OH
Sarah's LaoLao

M3 said...

Oh the cuteness of those little flipflop feet!!! Here's to more warm weather.

taylorchloejake said...

I also found your blog through another. We have twins from Vietnam. Where did you get those skirts? You always have the cutest clothes for girls!


Dianne said...

Thanks Natalie, we were heading to a birthday party right after so they wanted to dress up. They are actually dresses, but I liked them better and skirts so I added the tank top on the outside, looked cute layered. I got them at "The Children's Place" for only $12 each. Love deals like that, especially when buying two of everything :) I'll check out your blog.

Dianne said...

good to hear from you M3! love your blog. And yes Pat, your daughter lives quite close. Does she blog? I'd like to look her up.

All about the Benjamin's said...

I love the painted toes and flip flops- they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Di and fam. I love thereoutfits too they always look so cute. I have fun looking atyour blog,it's fun to see what's going on since I live so far from everyone..ttyl