Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First time at the Zoo for S & S!

They were so excited! They were attending Madelyn's 4th birthday party at the zoo, but she got sick last minute (poor thing, we felt so bad for her and her sis) and we were already there so we decided to stay. The kids enjoyed the large marble ball rotating in the water at the entrance.

Sage patiently waiting for lunch, love that serious look on her face when she is anticipating something special.

Sophie mesmerized by the monkeys, and Sage behind, being a monkey. She had to take off her glasses to check out every detail! Nick was such a proud brother showing and teaching his sisters. (The boys were a big help- they were thrilled to show their sisters everything, and with all the walking, I didn't rent a wagon, I really appreciated their help!)

Some of their favorite animals were... the African Elephant (they wanted to pet it :), the White Crocodile (only ten in the world), the cute baby Giraffe (6 mths old, they kept saying "hi" to it), the penguins cruising in the water (they were concerned about the bandaids they saw on their wings, they were all tagged, looked like a bandaid :), the zebras (they signed all the animals they saw, they like the Zebra sign) and of course- the Monkeys & Gorillas!

Watching the Monkeys, Sophie in sunglasses.

Measuring Up, Trevor's about the size of an Orangutan

The famous Lion drinking fountain. This is a favorite picture because I have one of each of my boys when they were about this age, with their head in the Lion's mouth getting a drink. Wish I had time to find them and scan them in.

They had a great time and can't wait to go again! Hopefully when Madelyn is feeling better and when Paul can join us (he had to work.)


Island School House said...

Yeah, I can comment! Many times, the comment button is behind your music widget and I can't get to it!

It looks so warm in Utah! I'm going to have to check the weather before I pack for our trip this weekend! Maybe I'll be breaking out the summer clothes, and just bring jackets?

The zoo looks so fun, I think we'll add that to our roster this weekend! Pie has never been!

Thanks for the idea, and your girls looks so adorable!

taylorchloejake said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. It must be nice with all of those older brothers to help out! We just had our first visit to the zoo a few weeks ago. They loved it too.


P.s. To answer your ? about shopping online, usually the gap or old navy, whatever I can find on sale. Most of the clothes the girls have are gifts....people just love to buy clothes for twin girls! They were so tiny when we got them at 5 mos they are still fitting into alot of the clothing we got as baby shower gifts!

Kelli said...

oh so much fun

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
Thanks for your reply-- is my daughter's blogsite--PLEASE stop and leave a note. Sarah is 3 years and 6 months old and was adopted on her first birthday. On her website you will see many pics of your zoo--it was a shock for me to see someone other than Sarah against the outline of the orangutan!!! Your pics of the girls and big brothers are adorable.
Also--to comment on the other commenter (something I don't usually do) you can use toddler twin girls as your search parameters on ebay and find some moms of twins selling gently used to almost new stuff. Just a thought. Just purchased a set of matching sweaters for Sarah and her best friend--Mirand Joy--for a very reasonable amount and got them yesterday and they are in beautiful shape.
Pat from OH
Sarah's LaoLao