Monday, April 06, 2009

College Memories w/ old friend

I ran into a good designer friend from college not too long ago. It was so nice seeing her and catching up for a few minutes, and to find out she lives so close! We were looking forward to getting together with our families, so we finally planned a fun BBQ last week.

Everyone hit it off and had a great time together, kids and adults!

The boys talking swimming with Nick, Mark is a swimmer too.

Laryl and her cute family
We had a yummy BBQ and such good times reminiscing and getting our families together. Brought back memories...

I'll never forget the time we broke down in Paige AZ on our way to a Design Convention in Phoenix. Four design students, stranded out in the middle of nowhere until they could fix the clutch- not until the next day. Luckily, I knew a family there, they own a nice Trading Post / corner market and live above it, they graciously put us up for the night. They were wonderful and we spent the next day checking out the town and walking to the Dam at Lake Powell... not the city design scenery we expected to be seeing that day, but beautiful in a different way. We were a day late, and made up for it once we got there.

We worked hard and enjoyed our college days. We had great professors and got so close, those of us who lasted the three year rigorous program. We tried to prove our professors wrong that you can't do well in this major and have a social life. We studied like crazy and had a lot of fun on the side.

This is when I met my sweetheart, Paul (I'll have to post about that soon, funny how we met). Laryl knows how he hung out in the Design Department more then his own. Such good memories.

We're looking forward to our next get together!

Here we are, way back when...

Natalie, Brenda & I in back just recieved our diploma!

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Laryl said...

We had so much fun!! Glad you did, too. My kids loved seeing these pictures. Thanks for having us over, and for being such fantastic hosts!!