Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What else do you do on a day like today?

Paul took a break from working in the garage to help his girls build a snowman, what a dad!

They wanted it as tall as Nick, but settled for their height since the snow wasn't very sticky. Good thing it wasn't very cold, they dressed themselves for the cold while I was making lunch.

They were proud of their snowman and couldn't wait to show it to Trevor after school. Sage asked if I would watch "Frosty" while they were gone and make sure he doesn't melt, saying I could stay inside by the window so I don't get cold, but don't do anything else, not even the computer. I failed, he was half the size when they got home. She must think I control the sun ;).

I heart my mornings with my girls before school. Only a few more months of it, then next year they'll be in school full day- Stop it


Kelli said...

this years weather is so weird. we had snow flakes mixed in withour rain today also. it should be spring!

SSBenjamins said...

Yes STOP it, I cannot deal with the fact that Danica is going into first grade, atleast you have been through it before~ not that it makes it any easier.. I loved the snowman, it's as tall as them and so cute with mom and dad, your a great mom!

Laryl said...

...cutest pictures ever!! Now that we've actually met your kids, we like them even more. When the weather finally decides to figure out what to do (and stay warm), we'll have you all over for tennis, games, and a bbq!

JinXiu said...

The girls got so big. The weater has been crazy in NY also. Im convinced we can use the pool for ice skating this August.

love the Pj photos

too cute