Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winter, I mean, Spring Break

It's always nice to get away. We usually go somewhere warm for Spring Break, but with all that's going on, we went to a quaint little town on the other side of the mountain. The older boys had rehearsal the first night, so they drove up and met us there. (I must have bit off half my nails and said a prayer knowing they were driving through a snowstorm through the mountains at night, but all was well, way to break you in Nick)

It was just like Disneyland, without all the hoopla (that's what I told the kids anyway). We had a fabulous time!

We stayed at this comfy Swedish Villa on the golf course

Inside the Volcano, you can swim in the 90 degrees deep blue water

It's beautiful here, great view behind the crater

On top of the volcano. It was much brighter then these dark pics. It ruined the quality when I lightened them so I kept them original, my hon needs a new camera.

Trev, love his smile

On top of the world

Retro Bowling

Everything in here was straight from the sixties, and in great shape. It was like stepping back in time, right down to the bright orange & green decor and painted wood ramp, bar stools & metal table set, loved it. The kids thought it was very cool.

Dinner around the bend in Park City, maybe next winter we'll ski the slopes

A favorite Pizza spot

Our last day after checking out, we spent the day at the zoo, then home for a BBQ (missing our home cooked food)

Our first Smore's of the season. Can't have Spring Break without a little sugar & chocolate, and make good use of those hot briquettes :). It ended quick, but we had a blast, did something different, didn't spend too much money or take too many vacation days (new job), and the boys didn't miss any rehearsals. Now I'm putting our coats away for good for awhile. Hope everyone had a great Spring Break.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

How fun! It's been so long since I went to Park City! What's the name of that pizza place? I need some tips cause I've seriously been thinkin' of a getaway somewhere!

Dianne said...

Leslie, we ate at "Main Street Pizza & Noodle", half way down main street. It's not as good as "Pizza Factory", but still good and a fun place to take your family. Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Jade and Joey Leonard said...

It looks like you guys had a really good time on your spring break. Your family is always doing things together, i hope when our kids are older we will be able to do the same.

I can't believe Nick is driving still. I know he has been for a year now but it still shocks me when I think of it. Pretty soon Josh will be in the drivers seat.

WEll, I hope all of you are doing good. I wish we were able to see you before we moved. Hopefully we will be able to see you for the holidays.

WEll, we love you all. Stay happy and keep having family fun.