Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school & almost done training

What good timing. So much to say, but so little time. So I'll be quick. I can't miss blogging about their first day of first grade...
I their uniforms. Excited with first day butterflies! Them too I think :)
Sage left, Sophie right

They wanted a backpack just like Trevors, but in pink. (not the best pic of Trevor, oh well, he is still a cutie)

They were so excited to start school they could hardly sleep last night, and I'm sure a little nervous as well. This year our girls are in seperate classes. As we prepared them and talked about it, Sage was fine with it, but Sophie wasn't so sure she liked the idea. When we checked their class list last Friday, they were so happy to see that they each have great friends from last year in their classes. They liked the idea of having lunch at school, and said they didn't need a heart on their hand anymore now that they're in first grade (do they have to grow up?), although they almost changed their minds. They were so cute & brave when I walked them in and after school they joyfully told me all about their day- Sophie said it's ok now that she has her own class, but they were happy to be together again. Phew, so far so good.

Josh protecting his sisters from the scary parts yesterday, so cute. They must be watching Peter Pan or something :) Ya, they kinda like their big brothers, and vice versa!

Changing gears, I'm excited to dig into my training this week, my last big one is on Wednesday before I start taking leads. I'll quickly share a little. This job (Custom Decorators, Inc.) couldn't have come at a better time, I'll be starting shortly after the kids go back to school. I'm so thankful I've been able to stay home with my children and raise them, be with them, teach them, play with them, it's the best job I'll ever have (and the hardest, at times :). They've been able to be involved in sports, dance, play dates, etc., and also enjoy their family. Thanks hon for always working so hard and taking such good care of us. We appreciate it every single day! Although life will be busier, I'll still be here for my kids (I'm working part time while they're in school). I'm looking forward to using my degree and enjoying another passion- "design / decorating". A big thanks to my designer friend & colleague for the referral and who will be mentoring me in the next little while. I'm thrilled to be starting up again and working with her, so glad we ran into each other a couple of years back, by no mistake! Can't wait!