Friday, March 05, 2010

2010 Goals, for work

For sure, being a wife and a mom is #1 in my book, the thing I am most passionate about… I'm also enjoying my design job I have, a lot. Luckily I mainly work while my kids are in school. It's perfect for a mom schedule and fun to do something else I have a passion for, and use my degree (thanks again Laryl!). My clients have been great and I’ve enjoyed helping with their home or business design needs. Of course I have the occasional difficult jobs and some bad days, but for the most part it has been really good and my numbers have been high and consistent. It's been a blessing and I'm looking forward to learning more, getting drapery certified, and gaining more experience.

We’ve been asked to submit our yearly goals (I admit I wasn’t too thrilled about this assignment at first, thinking "who has time?", but I know it helps to think about your goals and get them down on paper, so I'm glad they asked). I'm posting them here since it’s a part of our lives and I know I’ll read and think about them more often if I do…


  • Get trained and certified in Draperies. (finishing this up in two weeks, exciting!)
  • Order my shutter samples and become a shutter expert. (received them a couple of weeks ago, sold my second shutter job:)
  • Keep up on product knowledge, new products, and refresher courses (the Luminette webinar was great)
  • Keep my samples fresh, new, and updated.
  • Continue to attend Parade of Homes, Open Houses, and subscribe to my favorite Design Magazines- stay current.
  • Use my own home as a showcase, add my touch and flare to keep it nice. (even with 5 kids, they can help :)
  • Attend "Escape Convention" in the summer

Keep my numbers up-

  • Treat all clients the same, no matter how big or small the job is.
  • Listen to help solve their design issues and have their best interest in mind.
  • Be professional and sharp.
  • Make suggestions they may not have thought of, maybe other areas of the home they may want to invest in.
  • Be assertive, not overbearing, and ask for the close.
  • Follow up with each client.
  • Make them a client for life, thank you cards, customer service…
  • Stay positive, organized, thankful, and enjoy the job!
  • Stay one of the (actually "the") top designer in my state.


Design shapes the way we live, so it ought to serve everyone. ~ Eva Maddox


SSBenjamins said...

Wow! Your a buzy lady! I love this picture too. Your goals are great goals- good luck to ya.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you Dianne. You look very pretty and professional!! That's my girl!
Love, Mom