Monday, April 26, 2010


DSC_2164 When I was a teaching 3rd grade, I could see a big difference from children who had consistent chores at home and those who didn’t. Those who did were usually better, more responsible students. They would use their time wisely, overall more independent, hardworking kids.

DSC_2165Sage watering the plants

DSC_2168 Sophie hard at work observing :)

I try to make chores fun, play some good music, reward ourselves afterwards… With a large family, we all have to do our part. When the girls first came home, they certainly knew how to clean, even at 3. They would grab the broom after eating and sweep up every last crumb, they folded clothes better then most women, and they made sure Panzer (our old Boxer) had food. Very attentive and hard workers at such a cute young age. Of course they were great at making messes too.

Well, they aren’t quite as eager now to clean up, but once they start they are very efficient. Our weekly chores consist of keeping your own bedroom clean, separating your clothes once a week and putting them away, I wash and fold. Unloading the dishwasher, the girls do the silverware, then help Trevor with the rest if needed, I like to load, takes mom’s skills to fit them all in ;). We also conquer bathrooms on Saturdays, in between sports & play. The boys are in charge of their own bathrooms, while the girls clean their mirrors & bathtub, at times ending up all wet, and the boys do the garbage & mow the lawn. It’s usually a fun time with all of us working together, then we can play or relax. After all, a clean well organized home makes one happy mom.

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leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I've started having my kids do chores now and it's great for all of us! I have been trying to get some kind of routine and regularity to it with a chore chart and pay, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how. I want to make the board cute and able to be changed around like a magnet board or white board, but haven't figured one out yet. The kids are so much more fun to be around, I bet they can say the same for me, when we're all helping out. It makes the saying, "When we're helping, we're happy", really ring true.