Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring Break


We had no problem driving away from this-DSC_1854

to this…

New folder

(even if I forgot my tan in a bottle)


New folder1


Sage took this pic, I like how Nick is in the foreground, and Trevor in the background


Hope everyone had a great Easter, Spring Break, Conference week-end…


M3 said...

Fun break!!! Nice change from snow, wow. (Ro and Ree have those adorable pink and yellow suits and love them.)

Dianne said...

Funny M3, I just saw another matching blue suit I have for the girls on a different twin blog. Similar taste, or we all shop at the same places:). The good suits go fast around here so I get them early then I have to wait for the sun. Love swimsuit weather!
Good to hear from you, Ro & Ree are so fun to follow!

J and J said...

Looks like a great spring break. Your girls are getting so big! I love all the pics. Your job looks exciting as well. Good luck!