Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break wrap up

2010-04-02 Spring Break- Sony

It was a looong bike ride, 10 + miles. I love the trail systems here and was looking forward to the ride in great weather. The kids were troopers, although Trev and the girls were happy to finally be done (it was longer then expected, and on their little bikes its a lot of pedaling, but they hung in there). We were tired and hungry in the end so Cafe Rio afterwards never tasted so good, just what we needed. That place is starting to grow on Paul, he actually found something he likes, so glad- it’s one of my favorites. Good sport hon.

DSC00528 DSC00410 You never know who you’re going to see on vacation. As we were riding back to the park, someone honked at us from the road, who’d expect to see our next door neighbors :). We had fun playing with them for awhile. DSC00490


Quite the fun park, even for big boys :)



We enjoyed the local Easter Egg hunt and found some other neighbor/friends, good seeing you Meagan! I was glad we went since the Easter Bunny didn’t know how to find us (I forgot the kids baskets). So we celebrated the basket part the next week, the kids didn’t mind at all prolonging Easter.