Monday, August 08, 2011

Awesome August

full of excitement before school starts. Trevor returned from a week of scout camp in time to start football, the girls had their first soccer tournament in Park City, and Josh is starting his first job at the Pizza place and has been busy rehearsing for Broadway Kidz, opening night is next week-end, Woot! I thoroughly enjoy watching their sports and acting.

DSC_1526Nice picture by Paul. Glad he was able to attend Camp Steiner with Trevor for a few days.

DSC_1404boys and their bows

DSC_1508 Canoeing Merit Badge, they had to jump in this frigid cold water

DSC_1429Trevor racing in the Mountain Man Relay

DSC_7564Nick off to work, love his smile :)


Sparta warm-up. The girls enjoyed seeing the REAL lion show up before the game.


game prep, great coach



Sage hustling

DSC_1556Sophie’s determination


They gave them numbers 1 (Sophie) and 2 (Sage), how nice :)



Way to go girls! Sophie and Sage are new to this team and were a little anxious at first playing at this level with all new girls & new coach, but it didn’t take long before they got right in and became a big part of the team. Sparta won 2 out of 3, they played their hearts out and had a lot of fun, good job Sparta! They also took Silver in the Sparta Cup.