Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A week-end with Grandpa


So sweet seeing the kids rekindle a relationship with their Grandpa that they don’t see often (lives out of state). Didn’t take long to catch up and get attached again. He swam with them, joined us for the big parade & lunch at the Lion House, even threw a football with the kids one night.


Cute seeing the kids talk with their grandpa about his farm, his hobbies, and what he liked as a kid.  Grandpa reading them a story each night and Sage making sure he got a spoon quickly in the fast card game of Spoons :).

he wanted to hear them play and sing…


We’ve got some musicians in the house!  Josh talked in church today about his Trek experiences. He was asked 1/2 hour before the meeting so he winged it, did great and made us laugh. It was such a neat meeting hearing the youth share their experiences. Nick went 4 years ago, good memories, and Trevor will go in 2015.DSC_7526

thanks for the yummy lamb steaks, we smoked it with Hickory. Tasty!


a very fun Grandpa week-end. Come again soon!