Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On Black Friday, we avoided much shopping and took the family to see Oliver at HCT for a fun family date night.  Looking forward to seeing this with my girls, because of the storyline, and my boys, who have been in quite a few plays, and enjoying with my sweetheart.




( my boys were smiling, secretly :)

the theater is so warm and inviting, especially at Christmastime.  Along with the play, the girls look forward to the huge cookie and drink we each get at intermission (I admit, we all look forward to it, they just voice it), it’s a staple here.



We thoroughly enjoyed the play.  Sophie and Sage were glued and had some inquisitive questions and comments.  The lady on the right played Nancy, the leading female role (awesome voice!).  When she saw the girls, she gave them the biggest hug and told them they are beautiful as they chatted about the play.  So sweet.



dang, no flash. 

Then to see Oliver (giggle, giggle).  He did a great job, such a cute little actor (he’s a soccer player too).  On the way home, our giggly girls teased each other about having a crush on him.  Thought he was talented and cute, but they concluded that they like him only as a friend, lol.

They thanked us more then once before going to bed, for such a special night.  It sure was.

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likeschocolate said...

How fun! Happy Holidays!