Monday, November 05, 2012

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a hoot!
The girls were excited to wear their costume to school and celebrate with their classmates.

Isn’t that a cute owl?  Nice that they added some healthy fruit in the mix. 
I’m the historian / photographer in Sages class…  Yae, get to take more pictures!  And they asked me to do the bulletin boards in Sophie’s class.  I agreed, then realized I should do an art or craft project with the class each month to display (what do I get myself into?  JK).  Confession, although I’m a designer and I love art, I’m not a big fan of crafts.  Oh well, it’s making me to be more creative (and patient) and I enjoy working with the kids.  I’ll post pictures of the bulletin boards each month.

Sage, our cutiepatootie, that’s what her friends call her.  She didn’t waste any time eating her owl, and those around her that didn’t want theirs gave them to Sage, she brought home about 3 other Ding Dongs, joy.

Good excuse to dress up, the witch is in!  Everyone thought Sophie’s soccer costume was awesome, nice cross eyes Sage.

The girls and I made this fruit (jello flavored) popcorn for Sophie’s class, the kids loved it.  For a real crisp and colorful treat, use the Corn Syrup recipe, but we liked the Eagles condensed sweetened milk recipe, more tasty.

A few sick pumpkins. 
Imitation is the best form of flattery right?  Trevor carved his big pumpkin and the girls followed suit.  I wasn’t into the carving scene this year, hoping to overlook the whole thing, but the kids didn’t forget and quickly carved them before trick or treating.  

They were thrilled when their friend invited them to trick or treat in our old neighborhood.

Fun seeing old friends.

Trevor (his non costume) and uncle Mike.  Always a nice visit at both Grandma’s this spooky night, and the weather was Perrrrfect.
The girls got soo much candy, they kept a little and donated the rest.
Hope everyone had a funfilled Halloween!