Sunday, November 18, 2012

Speech Festival, do we have a winner?

A fun thing about third grade is being able to compete in the speech festival.

Sophie, Please Don’t Read this Poem, by Ken Nesbitt

Practicing her poem.  Sophie’s expressive eye-brows kill me!  (some people say that’s how they tell my girls apart).  Nice job Soph, that’s not a short poem.

I have to say, I didn’t know how they would do with this challenge.  They could memorize well, but articulation isn’t the easiest for them… speaking Cantonese until 3 1/2 before learning English, and having some twin language going on, they’ve had to work hard with their English annunciation, so I’m proud of my public speakers!   


Sage- Mithing Tooth, kinda

Her sis was making her laugh, lol.


Sage, Mithing Tooth, by Ken Nesbitt

Yae Sage!  She also did a good job and won out of her class.  She went on to the next level then spoke a little faster and didn’t make the time limit (58 seconds, she needed 1 minute).  Bummer, too bad they didn’t let her try again since she was so close.  Oh well, she’s a winner in my book!  

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Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy half birthday sweet Sophie and Sage! Great job on the speech festival. Love, Grandma