Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas happenings

I’ve always wanted a big Christmas tree, but couldn’t justify buying a new one since we had a fine 7 1/2’ tree.  But this year, with some of the lights broken, it was time for new.  Paul and I had fun finding the right tree for our home, it fit perfectly!  #ThumbsupSam’sClub


I helped with the ribbon, then our designer girls decorated the rest (Trevor was at a Christmas party, he said to go ahead, so we left the star for him).  Paul got out two ladders so the girls can fill the tree, enjoying the memory and story behind each ornament we got out.  The Little Drummer Boy was Paul’s when he was a boy, the crocheted angels a friend would make us each year, the different nativity scenes, and the many special homemade ones the kids have made growing up.  We have quite a collection now for a beautiful eclectic tree.













Getting ready for Paul’s work party (ha, ha, my first selfie, nice and blurry).  Showing Paul my new Christmas sweater.  Bummed I didn’t get a picture of him and I together this evening.

20131202_163831 It’s always an enjoyable evening at Little America with my babe, catching up with Paul’s nice co-workers, tasty banquet, and entertaining music show (this guy did impressions, very funny and talented).  We’re so thankful for the great company he works for!


Look who’s back!  So… the girls have been questioning if Santa is real or not for the last few years, but I think they’ve wanted to hold on to that belief.  This year (age 10 1/2), they found out the truth.  It’s a bit sad not having little believers in the family anymore, but it’s refreshing seeing them grow up and mature, and now I don’t have to be so sneaky.  We will still see Santa and of course enjoy Eli the Elf. He brought the book “Christmas for a Dollar” (a highlight are the great Christmas stories we like to read each night in Dec), and after we read it together, he’ll surprise them with the movie! 


This year we asked the kids what their favorite Christmas event/tradition is.  Instead of trying to do it all in the short month of December, we wanted more snuggle, fireplace, and hot cocoa time at home with the family while fitting in a few special events and focusing on service opportunities.  The Live Nativity is one of my favorite traditions.  We went to a different one this year in a neighboring town, in honor of a dear mother who died of cancer.  All donations go to The Huntsman Cancer Institute. 


The girls loved the awesome animals, hay ride (look how huge that camel is), seeing the live baby Jesus, and hot cocoa at the end.  Such a special night.


It was so cold, but look at the smiles from the 3 Kings/ the Wisemen.


This Sunday, after enjoying the First Presidency Christmas devotional, we made gingerbread houses.  This is Sophie’s favorite Christmas tradition.  They are quite the decorators!



Christmas card outtake.  Sophie’s nerd picture, our kids keep us laughing!  After getting some good ones (a little tricky without a photographer), we did a silly shot to keep it fun and real.  Happy to have this done, I didn’t have a dressy picture that I wanted for our cards, so we took some after church on Sunday and I picked them up yesterday, yahoo!  I love getting Christmas cards & pictures from friends!

Nerdy Sophie

Hope everyone is enjoying His great season!


likeschocolate said...

Happy Holidays! Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas! Beautiful sweater and you are gorgeous!

Dianne said...

Thanks Kellyn, you're too kind! So happy for your new addition!!