Sunday, December 29, 2013

ho, ho, ho- Christmas Day

This year I did the 4 gift idea I heard about a few months ago- “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need.”  A new tradition for sure, sweet and simple and we can focus on giving more then getting, keeping Christ in Christmas.  The kids were actually good with it.


Journals, Harry Potter DVD’s (fun find on black Friday).  Below is their want, Flying Helicopters.  The girls fly them every chance they get, and although Trevor’s a little old for one, it’s cool to fly with his sisters.


Something to wear…  I could do a whole post on my girls style and taste in clothes.   They were happy to get these and the Avalanche jackets Sophie really wanted (official Puma jacket for their team, getting their name and number on them right now) and skinny jeans w/ cute T-shirts was what Sage wanted.  They know me well at Justice and show me all kinds of soccer gear and clothes my girls would like as soon as I walk in the door.  A little dangerous for me to walk in there, but they have cute bright clothes that my girls like, and we always shop there for their friends birthdays.  Sophie likes anything athletic, and Sage prefers a cute T-shirt and skinny jeans, neither of them like leggings.  On Sundays I get a say, they dress up and will even wear ruffles and/or lace, but they prefer skirts over dresses.  I have to say, their style is growing on me, it’s totally them.


The older boys got their want and need, a Craftsman Tool Kit and Auto Safety Kit for their cars.  Equipped w/ jumper cables, flashlight, gloves, expandable shovel, etc.  Makes this mama feel good they’re prepared!


Nick and Josh gave such thoughtful gifts, especially for poor college students- Nick works at a guitar/ music store and got Josh & Trev a nice guitar stand, the girls cool music bracelets, and Paul and I some yummy Godiva chocolates (mine dark choc).  Josh got Nick a harmonica set (just what he wanted), Trevor a pocketknife, the girls those cute Asian jewelry boxes, Paul a nice shirt and tie, and me a beautiful scarf.  Very nice gifts, thanks N & J! 


Something to read… The older boys were happy to get “Ender’s Game” book, Trevor- “Maze Runner” & “Sound Bender” and the girls a Judy Blume book set and some national geographic books on animals, which they LOVE!


It was a pleasant morning, Sophie our morning police, even let us sleep in until 8:30.  I made ham and cheese omelets to balance all the chocolate, then off to see Grandma’s, Grandpa, and cousins.  Nice scarf Josh!


One blessed mom! how’d they get so big?


Paul and the fam


M & D liked their gifts… Sweater and jewelry for mom, Flashlight, thermal socks, and Clint Eastwood DVD for D.  Plus the fun “Five Crowns” rummy game.


They got T an Under Armour Basketball since he’s started Jr. Jazz this month.


Cuties, Sage and her little cousin.  She enjoyed hanging out with the older girls, so they taught her some soccer skills.


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa D, you always make it special, food and all!

Then some nice visits with Grandma B. and Uncle Mike…  Such blessings to have our family close!


Do we still have Santa believers in the house?  One more Christmas wrrap-up post.

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likeschocolate said...

Looks like a perfect day! Merry Christmas! 3 days until we leave!