Monday, March 03, 2008

"Just Like Daddy" & Tagged again

When Sage proudly came out with her top tucked into her pants, I told her she doesn't need to tuck in her dress, she happily replied, "But daddy does". So I grabbed the camera--- should've seen the back!

" Does this make my hips look large? "

--Thanks for the tag Emily & Jade! Here goes...

Two Names You Go By: Di and Mom
Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Yoga pants & T-shirt
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: A best friend/love and someone who makes me laugh/fun (thanks hon!)
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: Eat & Sleep. OK really- boating & biking, but eat and sleep take a close second, must not get enough.
Two things you did last night: Went to Jade's baby blessing (in the morning) Made a pot roast for my family while sharing jokes and watched "Becoming Jane" after the girls went down (Great chick flick!)

Two People you Last Talked To: Paul & Lindsay

Two Things You're doing tomorrow: Taxes (thrill!) and starting a reading program with my girls.
Two Longest Car Rides: - Driving to Lake Tahoe, pulling our boat- seemed to take for-ev-er! but worth every minute and driving to and from California when we want to save airfare, which we'll do more often now with our larger family, we'll break it up by staying in Vegas.
Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas & The 4th of July- we spend it at the Gorge
Two Favorite Drinks: Fresh squeezed OJ and Jamba Juice- their strawberry smoothies.
Two Things About Me you may not have known: I can't clean my house without good, loud music throughout; I'm considering running a triathalon this summer with friends, better start preparing!
Two jobs I have had in my life: In college, an assistent to the head professor in my field, learned a lot from her. After high school and before college, I was a nanny in LA for a close family with two fun boys, ages 2 & 4.
Two Movies I would watch over and over: My Big Fat Greek Wedding & While You Were Sleeping, can't watch my all-time favorites too often or they become dull.
Two of my favorite foods: Lasagna & Chicken Enchilada's
Two places I'd rather be right now: On a Disney cruise with family or in Maui at the Wailia beachfront with my sweety!

Seven People I'm tagging, other cute twin families adopted from China or Guatemala...

Cindy at Double Lucky , M3- mom to the Salsa Twins, Kristi- mom to Kenna & Michal, Rony of the Ghelerter twins, Diana's Twins, Dirk at No More Work Than One, and Emily at One Hope One Heart

Great twin blogs! click on name for link


Danny & Lindsay said...

Hey! I have really wanted to see "Becoming Jane," but its always checked out! PS I'll send you that tri schedule . . .

Anonymous said...

Lol, that's pretty cute! You should have gotten one from behind. hee hee

M3 said...

Fun facts!!

Ah Maui... love that place, just love it (met my husband there actually).

Anonymous said...

So funny! Another cute twin blog with a heart wrenching story for the parents is 'Twins! The long journey to our daughters in China'(or something close to that if you google it). I'm a blog pro during this long wait!!

Rony said...

Love my big fat Greek wedding AND in the day I flew to Hawii 4-6 times a year..... oh what fun...if that little island could