Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

First, I'm thankful for my thoughtful husband! For awhile now, Paul has talked about getting me a nice new camera. I always told him the one I have is good... fits well in my purse, easy to take with me and takes good pics. Well, I mentioned I might want a new one for my B-day (in August) and before I knew it, he showed up with a new Nikon D40 and a new lense. They even sang Happy Birthday to me, What?? Wow! I'm thrilled! I'm still learning, but here are my first pics on my new camera... Paul, you're awesome! I'm going to have fun with this!

I'm thankful I survived this week-end with two rats in our house. Yes, RATS! Trevor's taking care of his class pets for the week-end--- As much as I loath mice & rats, I have to admit, Cocoa & Oreo were pretty cute, from a distance ;) Having sons, we've had our share of slimy, creepy, fascinating pets- from a Horned Toad to Slither our snake. Right now, I'm happy with just our cute cuddly black cat, Shadow- of course we had to keep her from eating Trev's class pets this week-end.

Sophie holding baby Turkey at Grandma's, I like how she holds him with her dress :)

We went to an awards dinner for Nick's swim team last night. I'm thankful that Nick's involved in such a great sport with a good group of people. This was his first year on the High School team and it was a great experience, a lot of fun, very positive, and kept him in shape. He received the "Most dedicated Sophomore swimmer" award. Kudos Nick! Keep it up! He also had his first job interview today, he's growing up fast.

Last, I'm thankful for my children, that all is well, that they are happy and healthy! I had another bad dream (nightmare) about Trevor last night. This time it was so real and frightening, I woke up in tears. I'm not much of a worrier and I rarely have dreams like this, but this is my second one in a week. The first dream caught me by surprise and helped me make sure Trev was getting the attention he might need right now, but this one has scared me. He probably wondered what was up when I gave him the biggest hug when he left for school this morning. I'm sure everything is fine, just shook me up. I am so thankful for my family, each one of them!

Beautiful Mountain View from Mom's backyard

Oh ya, I'm very excited for Spring Break, leaving tomorrow, Yahooo! Leaving our jackets behind and won't miss the snow a bit.


licorice stick lady said...

Very nice, Springy, new template! Does Grandma own a baby turkey now? I'm not a fan of rats either. Dave's 15 yr. old sister has one named Clover. She actually looks almost exactly like the one in the picture you posted. Wow on the camera! Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I love the new template! Very cute!.
I was also wondering that; since when did grandma get turkeys?! That's great about your camera; I bet you are loving it!

D2 said...

New camera, eh? D40 is a very good choice. Solid entry level D-SLR. Which lens did he get you with it?

And I like the theme... one of these days I'll redo mine again, but so far I still like it (this must be the longest time ever for me without a redesign).

Dianne said...

Leslie & Crystal, yes, they have two baby turkeys, so cute. Mike has named them already- "Thanksgiving" & "Christmas" ;)
Dirk, thanks, the camera is sweeet! Paul got me the Nikon lense- 18-135mm f 3.5-5.6. It makes all the difference, Paul is now selling his nice Sigma lense to get one like it.