Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'll quickly do my thankful Thursday post, so much to be thankful for...

    Since the girls were all dressed up to see the Bunny at the mall, we got some precious pictures afterwards. Love their smiles! Sophie with bow, Sage has headband.

    This week I am mainly thankful for great people in our lives, especially my childrens' lives...

    • First, I'm thankful for friends like Kathy- she called at the right time to catch up after being out of town... after chatting awhile then discussing "double T" (Kathy's nick name that stuck for Trevor, stands for Tough Trevor:) I shared that he is doing well but worry he sometimes feels overlooked since our family has grown, he was the youngest for so long, 8 years. I had a scary dream about Trevor the other night and woke up feeling sick, I'll share later. She instantly remembered she promised him a treat and asked if she could take him out for a special treat that night, just her and Trev. They had a great time at "Boondocks" then came back with ice-cream & cones. She joined us for family night and we enjoyed the ice-cream and chocolate dipped cones TT picked out for refreshments. Kathy-your the best! You're so fun and have a special bond with children! Wish I had pictures of that fun night.

    • I'm also thankful for the great one-on-one time I had with Trevor the other day. Being the youngest of three boys, he has a few hand-me-downs. He's never complained, but it was time to give his room a fresh new look that is just for him. We spent an afternoon at Ikea where TT picked out his favorite bedspread with funky pillows, a retro floor lamp, and a cool sheepskin rug to compliment his room. It looks great and Trevor loves his cool updated room- he's sleeping now but I'll share a picture soon.

    • I'm thankful for Lindsay, a lifesaver a couple Sunday's back and a great friend! At Jade's nice baby blessing brunch, Sophie accidentally got poked in the eye with scissors-- oops, from Sage. There was a very small scratch on her cornea. As protective parents, Paul took her to get checked out while I took the rest of the family to church, waiting anxiously to hear back. We felt everything was ok, but had to be sure. Sage felt so bad for her sis, you should've of seen their sad, worried faces as they pulled away in different cars. I knew it would be tough for Sage to go to class without Sophie, but would help her to get her mind on something else. It didn't take long before I heard her innocent sobbing outside my Sunday School door, with her teacher. I was comforting her in the hall and ready to take her to class with me when Lindsay was right there with her cheerful smile inviting Sage to go to her primary class. Soon Sage was her happy self again and, of course, she loved being in Lindsay's class again, they have really missed having her as their teacher since they changed classes for the new year. Lindsay is such a joy and always knows how to brighten your day. She's always telling me to call if I need anything, so considerate! And, Sophie's eye is fine, she just needed drops for a few days- thank goodness, I felt so bad for her.

    • I am very happy to have another driver in the house! Of course it can be unnerving, Nick just turned 16 last month, but he is doing very well! He's starting to look for his first job and loves the independance of having his own wheels. He and Josh look for any opportunity, errand, or excuse for Nick to drive his car. Needless to say, I'm enjoying having a chauffeur on hand as much as he is liking his new car ;) Love my boys!

    • I'm thankful for the new DVD players we just purchased the other day- "Clear Play". We enjoy good movies but have a hard time finding many family appropriate ones. Now we're able to filter all the unwanted stuff and watch at our own comfort level. The boys and dad watched "300" the other night. Although a lot was filtered out, shorter movie, they were able to enjoy it.

    • Last, I am thankful we are NOT moving... (our "big news" I didn't share yet) Since our adoption, we have felt a bit crowded in our home, and the girls' bedroom is small, especially for two. Not to sound selfish, this is a beautiful home, one we built to raise our family in, but we're larger now and it's been difficult to keep up on while trying to find a place for everything... Anyway, after finding another dream home we were going to build in a nice neighborhood nearby, and getting our house ready to put on the market, we just didn't feel good about it. We were relieved, after much thought and prayer, when we decided to stay here. We love this neighborhood, ward, and house. It wasn't all in vain, we did a nice facelift on our home, repainted, cleaned carpets, tile... Now I've been dejunking and finding inventive ways to keep it all organized. It feels great to keep up on it all and I'm thankful for my family for keeping up on their chores and doing their part. I'm so glad we're staying!

    • Yae! One more thing, I'm thankful for my thoughtful husband. He was on late tonight so we were very quiet and let him sleep in late this morning, he's been working hard and could use the rest. He just called on his way home and offered to take the kids to school tomorrow, get the girls breakfast, etc. so I can sleep in. Sure, I'll go for that, what a sweetie! Thanks hon!

    Guess who did their own hair today? Simply Beautiful!
    Sage- left, Sophie- right


    Amy said...

    OH my gosh...Sophie & Sage are adorable! Love the pictures of them :)

    Rony said...

    You do have so much to be thankful. And what a sweetie of a husband. As I type this mine is upstairs cleaning the carpets! Gotta love that man.....Abbey is watching, Katie here by my side. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Notebooks said...

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    Kelli said...

    Cant remember how I came across your blog but I love all the pictures of your family.

    Anonymous said...

    I love reading about what you are thankful for!
    Kathy is great isn't she! I was wondering if Trevor was feeling left out now that he isn't the baby anymore. That is a long time to suddenly change!
    I'm glad you were able to find a way to stay in the house and ward that you love; that is always a blessing.
    Go Nick! Driving is fun!