Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break II

Who knew St. George could be sooo fun? (Well, I hoped, had a great time here 3 years ago with friends and our kids). Here are the highs and lows of our trip...

  • Hiking to the Emerald Pools in Zions. So beautiful there, and the weather was close to perfect. It got a little chilly at the last pools, so Sophie & Sage squeezed into my jacket. The hike was great and peaceful.
  • Biking on the awesome trails through the outskirts of town. What a workout. Besides the scare Nick gave us, it was so refreshing (false alarm with Nick, he's fine). We biked at least 10 miles that day. Sophie and Sage enjoyed the bike trailer, laughing & giggling, then falling asleep on each others laps. At least the trail was smooth & paved. Wish I could do this everyday! I love the climate here, at least this time of year, it's really hot in the summer.
  • Friday night at "Fiesta Fun". We had a good time on the driving range and batting cages. Sophie and Sage proudly hit their first golf ball, it was so cute to see Trevor helping his little sisters. Paul was the pro at golf, Lindsay & Trevor did awesome at the batting cages.
  • Checking out the exquisite St. George temple. The girls walked up and touched the doors. At first, they thought it was "their" temple (Manti Temple). Very similar, but not quite. It brought back good memories!
  • We stayed in a nice 3 bedroom condo- kitchen, patio w/ grill, murphy bed, 2 TV's, 2 baths, swimming pools... Very nice and comfortable for all.
  • It was sooo fun having Danny & Lindsay join us! They have such a special bond with Sophie and Sage, the girls couldn't get enough of them. They're also very close to our boys. They're a joy to be around and such good role models for our kids, turning them into BYU fans (we hope)... The boys would ride with them often, didn't take much with that fun group and some good music to have that car bouncing up and down right to the beat. They put on a show and had others around them laughing & dancing in their cars. That was the fun car.
  • Swimming, hot tub, games, good movies (Yae for Red Box), yummy Nelson's frozen custard, Pizza Factory (best breadsticks in town), and a little shopping. We drove through Zions and watched "Enchanted" on the way home, great show!
  • It was so fun spending Easter there! One last slide show coming :)
  • The only lows were forgetting sun block and getting a little burned, bought some later, thanks for the Aloe Vera D & L. The gross meal we had at JB's (should've known) after our long bike ride when we were famished. Oh yes, only a 40-50 gallon water tank, we all took quick showers but sorry if you got a cold one:)
  • The best part was spending fun time with family & friends. The weather was great and the kids are great travelers. We had a delightful time, can't wait until next Spring Break!

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licorice stick lady said...

That sounds like a great, great vacation! I love that area too, and you guys did so much it sounds like! I'm glad you had fun together!