Thursday, October 09, 2008

Celebrating 19 years...

We had a marvelous anniversary celebration. Paul was ready to treat me to a nice, romantic dinner at a favorite fancy restaurant- Carvers (sounded good and expensive), but he just started a new job a couple of weeks ago, and like most Americans, we're watching what we spend. So we went with plan B my plan and made our own Carvers restaurant at home. After S & S soccer game (way to score girls!), and dinner for them, they went down at 8 o'clock sharp. Paul fired up the grill and cooked the New York strips while I whipped up some cheesy potatoes, asparagus, and fresh fruit salad, with our favorite chocolate layered pie setting in the fridge. It was a delicious, romantic, candlelight dinner with old time favorites playing in the background... the steaks were perfect, potatoes were creamy, dessert to die for and a nice private setting with my sweetheart. Oh ya, the waiters weren't too bad themselves, they were awesome! (Josh & Trevor were so cute & willing to help, they did their part very well. They stayed inconspicuous unless we needed something then mysteriously disappeared- off to bed, thanks boys!). We really enjoyed the Anniversary Inn last year, so why not create our own- fireplace, jacuzzi, and romantic movie on the big screen. We changed into something comfortable and nestled on the loveseat for a great movie- Shadowlands, tear jerker. It was magical, just as good, if not better, had we gone out to celebrate. The only thing missing (should've planned ahead for this) was breakfast in bed the next morning, that was such a nice ending last year. But I let Paul sleep in while I got the kids off to school, since he had to work all day. Happy Anniversary hon! Looking forward to the next 19+ years with you.


Anonymous said...

What a great poem; you are a great writer!
That is a great idea for your anniversary. We were going to do Anniversary Inn this year; but me are probably staying home now.. Maybe we'll have to copy you.

Happy Anniversary!

Kelli said...

so freaking day when my kids sleep all night so I am not so tired, I am going to stay up late for a nice adult evening like yours. I am so dreaming of those days!!! Sounds so wonderful. Happy A to you both!

Anonymous said...

You never stop amazing me Di. That poem is incredible. You wrap up our life together in those words so perfectly. Those readers here, that have followed your blog, have only a small glimpse of the wonderful person you are. I wish everyone could know you as I do. You give of yourself freely, welcome others with open arms, and leave a piece of yourself in everyone's life you touch. I have been so blessed to have you as my wife for these 19 years, and God willing, I look forward to spending the rest of my life and into eternity with you. I could only hope to be able to give back to you a portion of the happiness you have given to me. I knew the first day I met you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I knew there was something very special about you that first moment I met you... I've been spending the last 19 years finding out how great you really are.

I love you with all my heart. You make me want to be a better Man.

Happy Anniversary Sweatheart!

Love, Paul

Sheila said...

Congrats on 19 years!That is such a great idea dinner and entertainment at home. You two as so cute together..