Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Some quick things I'm thankful for this week...

~I'm so thankful that my sister's surgery went well. She's had chronic headaches for so long now and has tried almost everything for relief. They even found a hole in her heart and thought that could be the problem. After fixing it, she still had the awful headaches. She is just returning from Houston where she had her surgery. It's a fairly new procedure (only 5 years) where they go through the back of her neck. They found a flattened nerve, amongst other things. We hope and pray this will be the solution and she will be back to her healthy, happy self! She's handled it well, but has suffered far too long. Wishing you a speedy recovery sis!

~ Autumn! I'ts a great fall season this year, instead of jumping right into winter. The mountains are on fire with all the red, orange, & yellow glowing leaves, and the nights getting cooler. It won't last long so we better enjoy it.

~I'm thankful for Nick (16). Ya, I have a junior already. He's a great kid. Sure, he can be a moody teenager at times, but we always get him laughing and he snaps out of it quickly. And he's such a good big brother. I'm thankful at how responsible he has become. He's doing well in school, getting good grades, and has done well with his car, always a scary thing for a parent. But mainly, now that swim season has started, I'm impressed how he gets up at 4:30 in the morning to get to his practices each day before school. I don't think I was that dedicated at 16. He's up, ready, had breakfast, and out the door before the rest of the family are even awake. Good job Nick, keep up the good work! And great job on your first swim meet today.

~Yahoo, we got our pumpkins carved. It's not my favorite thing to do. It's slimy, messy, time consuming, but fun once you get into it and worth it all seeing the kids faces. The girls were all giggles and grossed out trying to get the guts out of their pumpkin, washing their hands every five minutes, all girl. They enjoyed the carving part and were delighted with the results. The boys searched for the scariest faces to carve. And man, are we arteests this year.



leslie the licorice stick lady said...

That's great! Do we get to see the finished products? (Pumpkins?)

Anonymous said...

Di and Fam,
I am back in internet world!
I want tosay I love your blogs, the pics are amazing, seeming to capture the most precous moments. Your family is so fun to follow and learn about. I love how the girls have blossomed into little ladies, as you said. I can't wait to see you all during Christmas.
I am glad the boys are doind well and also have to give Nick props for stepping upto the plate and accomplishing his goals!
Love you always

Kelli said...

that last picture, her face is priceless. I am happy for your sister, that had to be a scary surgery. Prayers for her

Danny & Lindsay said...

Awe, we miss you guys so much! We pray for you guys too! Come see us! Tell Deb "hi" for me. She is the sweetest lady!!