Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch at the Farm...

Uncle Mike joined us

Full moon just for the occasion

Awesome old Victorian farm house

Enjoying the farm- picking pumpkins, checking out the animals, hay rides, hot cider & crisp apples. Love this time of year! The girls always go for the biggest pumpkin they can carry, and Trev found the smallest this year. Mike explained all the farm machinery to the boys, pretty cool. Anyone up for some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and roasted pumpkin seeds?


Danny & Lindsay said...

sorry i missed hearing from you last night!! Hope you're well!

Dianne said...

The girls were thrilled to talk to you, and so cute how you asked for them when Nick picked up! Sorry I missed your call, I was running a plate of Halloween cookies.
They were all over the idea of coming to your house (in 6 days- they begged), going to Disneyland & the beach with you guys. Man, I wish! They better get a job ;)
The family sure enjoyed your call!

Kelli said...

dont ya love family time. and on the flip side, isnt it sad families that dont spend time or people without families. HF has a plan and it brings so much joy for us. Wish everyone understood how imporant family time together is.

Lisa and Tate said...

So mcuh fun!!! I totally forgot about the Farm for pumpkin time.... The last two Halloweens I kept thinking and saying "next Halloween" I will take Tate to do the pumpkin patch. For sure NEXT year!!! LOVE.IT!!!


Yummmm for the pumpkin choc chip cookies!

Amanda said...

You know, I don't think I've ever been to a pumpkin patch. Now I feel like I'm missing out! Looks like fun!