Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas full of smiles!


The kids drew names this year, it was cute seeing the gifts they bought each other… Trevor gave Sage a soccer ball, and Nick got a watch for Sophie, thrilled! The girls gave Nick & Josh some skullcandy headphones.


Trevor happy with his BYU beanie, and Josh- socks?? Well, you asked for them :). Then he found this letter in the tree…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a car… :)

We have been looking, but have not been finding. So this is a coupon worth $$$$ toward the purchase of a car. We’ll help you find one soon.

Love, Mom & Dad


Art supplies for our little artists


My happenin husband got an AE hoodie. Looks great on him! I also got him a large standing tool chest for the garage.


The handoff


Trevor scored! He got new snowboard boots from Josh, and a guitar! Just in time for his guitar class in school this semester. One happy boy.


My sweetie surprised me with a gel foam mattress topper, since our new bed is so hard. It is sooo comfy! He also spoiled me with a laser measurer for work (so nice), and a beautiful antique chevel mirror, I like it although it makes me look fat :). Thanks hon! Nick wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want many pictures, but he received a new guitar (his old one, which is still very nice, went to Trevor [above])


Sage didn’t think Santa got her what she really wanted. Then she saw the note in the tree…

Sage, You wished for it, and you got it! Remember to share your wonderful present with your family… Go look under the tarp in the trailer. (I’m too old to carry it in, and the reindeer couldn’t help.) Love, Santa

She got the trampoline that she wanted so badly, since we left our old one at our old house.


It’s not about the gifts, but giving makes it special, we’re thankful for those opportunitites. Merry Christmas to all!