Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Our future architects & designers…


nice detail and finish work

These next few posts have to be speed blogging, so I don’t skip posting about our Christmas. We’re enjoying our new home, all unpacked and settled in- ha, I wish! It’s pretty crazy moving a large family, but we had wonderful help with the move (blog about that soon), and we’re getting unpacked, settled, and really liking our new home & area. We didn’t move far so our kids are in the same schools, they’re very thankful!

We moved a few days before Thanksgiving, so I’ll share our Thanksgiving mishaps, I mean happenings soon, so thankful my mom cooked this year. We had fun decorating Gingerbread houses the other day…

We thoroughly enjoyed having Nick home for the week-end!



Sage’s decorative rooftop, Trevor made a Santa out of his gingerbread man


Merry Christmas!