Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mean mom…

After being so patient and reverent in church, the kids were excited to come home and open gifts.  Sage told me “mom, no talking to anyone after church”  ha, ha.   When we got home, I hustled in the house and made a quick change, then told them that stockings were first.  They ran to their stockings and found this…


DSC_2511“Is this COAL?”

DSC_2512“Have we been bad?”



DSC_2516Ha, Ha- JK.   picture this with my eyes open.


Love them tons! 

poor Nick’s been a little sick, took some Nyquil last night


SSBenjamins said...

The expressions on there face are the best, your not a mean mom your a fun Mom- Merry Christmas, I hope your enjoying your new home and new ward.

Anonymous said...

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