Friday, December 23, 2011

Magical night

DSC_8557aat Temple Square 

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without coming here to see the lights


We enjoyed watching my sister-in-law and nieces sing in the Assembly Hall, so peaceful!  Then my nephew introduced the girls to the Clydesdales.  He drove these horse drawn carriages last winter. 


Nick & Amber (my cute niece) catching up.  Trevor recently came here with his Scout group and was excited to show us this short dramatization on families.  He talked us into it, although we hadn’t seen the nativity yet, but what a neat film.  Afterwards, the young sister missionaries gathered around us and we had such a nice chat.  One from China, one from Finland, and the other from the states.  I’m sure they’re missing their families this time of year, they seemed to enjoy ours, and we enjoyed their visits.  The girl from China was thrilled to meet Sophie and Sage and they wanted to know about our experiences.    


I left home quickly without my warm coat, so Paul insisted I wear his (we chuckled since it reminded us of our college days in cold Rexburg, I always wore his).  Josh had to work, so we met him afterwards and grilled up a steak dinner with the whole family.  Such blessings! 

Merry Christmas! 

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Crystal said...

We were glad you guys were able to come and watch us sing! I'm glad you were able to visit a bit with everyone after; I'm bummed Libby needed a bum change and I miss you guys!