Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Big Thanks...

Just want to thank those who helped, played, chased, and enjoyed our kids while we were in Chicago. As hard as it is to leave your children, even for 5 days, it was so comforting knowing they were in great hands!

Danny & Lyndsay, second only to mom, dad, & brothers, in S & S eyes. Thanks for staying at our house to make it easiest on the girls. They love you guys! They add you in their prayers & talk about you daily. They are so excited to see you each week at church, and any time in between. We couldn't ask for better people for our girls to enjoy. You both are wonderful- a kid magnet. Our boys also enjoy your friendship. You always keep up on what's happening in their lives and make them feel important. I can't believe you cleaned our messy playroom Lyndsay, while we were gone, and Danny represented us while Nick needed a parent for swim team tryouts. You guys will be super parents, but for now, you're a part of our family :). We'll miss you much when you move. You'll have to come back after dental school, we can always use a good dentist!

Dinner for Danny & Lyndsay at Texas Roadhouse

Grandma & Grandpa D. You traveled to China with us to get our girls. They will never forget this! Mom, you won them over with your coke when they would hardley go to anyone (great, they will forever love coke! :), you've been a big fan of theirs ever since. They also love their Grandpa D., he got the first good-night kiss from Sophie. They ask about you both each day and enjoy their time with you. Thanks for all the fun you had with them and the boys, mom, while we were away. You always plan fun things with your grandchildren. They all had a ball at the State Fair. Sophie & Sage probably gave you a work out, but glad the boys could help. Thanks for staying over and getting them all to church in the morning and enjoying your time with them. What a fun Grandma!

August '06 in China

Grandma B., Uncle Mike & Kathy. You were also a big help while we were away. Coming and getting Sophie & Sage the last night, having Nick ride over with them so they wouldn't be so scared riding away in a different car then their own (this freaks them out). Then, bringing Nick right back for his Basketball game. When we picked them up, they were so happy. Uncle Mike took them shopping and bought them some balls, dolls, and favorite toys (horses) while we were gone. They sing songs about Uncle Mike now. Kathy- wow, they liked you from the start, our whole family did. You are so fun and personal with each of our children. You also make each one feel special, just being around you. Thanks for playing with our girls and trying to wear them out~ good luck:).

Sophie and Sage are lucky to have such good friends & relatives, they are loved little girls. With all the fun they had, we're glad to hear they asked for us often and were so happy to see us when we returned, they counted down the days. We're very lucky to have our dear Sophie & Sage, and our awesome boys, Nick, Josh, & Trevor!

My boys stayed with friends house during school days while we were away, except Nick, he's so independant;). Thanks so much Kim for giving Josh his own bed whenever he stays with you. You guys are his second family, James is a great friend!

Cindy, thanks for making Trevor feel right at home. He was sooo excited to have a sleep over on a school night. He sure enjoys Nathaniel. You guys are awesome!

Last, but not least, thanks so much Brenda for helping out and taking the kids where they needed to be early Monday morning. I'm sure the girls enjoyed playing with Dallas in the pool.

Well, a lot of planning involved, but everything ran smoothly and it wouldn't have happened without all of your help!


Lindsay said...

Awe, Diane, you're too sweet. Hey I chopped my hair off last week! said...

D. You have the best friends and family. I think they just love being near you. You exude such electricity!

Kathy said...

It was absolutely my pleasure to help in any way I could with the girls. They (as well as the whole family:)) are such a delight to be around.