Monday, October 29, 2007

Insects & Fairies- Halloween Parties...

Sophie and Sage had two fun filled nights of Halloween celebrations. Here they are getting ready for our church Halloween Spooktacular Party- they have been talking about it all day. Thanks a bunch Kathy for helping me get them ready :)

Sage- pink butterfly, Sophie- Tinkerbell
Cutest little insect & fairy I've seen

click to enlarge

They had a ball. After a good warm dinner, they devoured their chocolate chip carmel apples. Wow, I'm just thrilled we made it home with the same color of costumes they came in. They enjoyed playing games and in-door trick or treating, just what they were waiting for. The best part was playing with friends, dancing, and showing off their costumes. They even got to meet some real firemen- smoke machine got turned up too high, oops. They had a funtastic time!

So happy to see Lyndsay & Danny

forever friends
Sage, Adyson, Sophie

Sage dancing with her dad
(my favorite picture of the night)

The next night was their big Halloween party at Little Gym. They enjoyed seeing all their teachers, making their own loot bag, fishing, sliding, bean bags toss, and more treats. Can you say- sugar high. Advice from their uncle (a dentist), once in a great while a bunch of candy won't hurt, it's better to get it done and over with then prolong it a little at a time, just be sure to brush real well!! I have made extra healthy meals lately, so they fill up on that instead of candy, it's helped :). Sophie & Sage were full of smiles at the gym... Zorro (Trevor) was a real gentleman and let the girls go first at all of the games, such a nice big brother.

Happy Halloween

Love Tinkerbell, Butterfly, & Zorro

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Anonymous said...

This is not really an anonymous post. This is just the easiest way for me to post.

It is a true joy to experience all the new wonders and events of life with your family. We did it with the boys as they were growing up from birth to the little men that they are now. Now we get to experience these great and fun times with our daughters and what a joy it is! To watch them experience life, in a way they would not have been able to had they not come into our lives, is truly a blessing to all of us. To watch my sweet wife with the permanent smile on her face, as she watches these little angels, brings joy to my heart in a way only a Father and Husband could understand.

My family is my all. Thanks for the happiness you bring me.

With love,

p.s. I enjoyed my dance with my little butterfly.