Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun at daddy's work!

On our way- we're so excited to see dad, and maybe get a balloon!

Daddy's with a customer, but we had plenty to do. Pete took good care of us and gave us 2 BIG balloons each! Just what we wanted!

We helped him staple papers, then checked out the cars, he's a lot of fun!

Wayne got our attention quick when he gave us suckers, and Bruce kept us busy with some cool Honda puzzles. Thanks!
Dad's happy to see us

we're very happy to see dad too, so we take him to lunch :)

must have a lot of pepper in our delicious egg drop soup (Sage)

Sophie likes it too

Time to say good-bye. We'll come back soon.

Thanks for working so hard for us!


Lindsay said...

Cute! Your girls are so adorable, I love it! Someday we'll have a blog to post pics of our cute kids! I enjoy vicariously living through yours! said...

I love the pictures of the girls at daddy's dealership. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day! I love egg drop soup!