Monday, January 14, 2008

Fotoshoot at the Farm

Sophie and Sage fascinated by the geese Sage in braids

"Oh Man" They just found out we are here mainly for family pictures... This picture cracks me up, but I knew it would be tough to get our family pic today.

So, I snuck some candid shots

" Here Sage, this one smells good!"

Sage's cute pose, her choice

"I'm not putting my arms on that" -Sophie

"Look a slide," good thing Trevor was there!

Sage checking out the cows

Watching the ducks

Below- Paul got some nice pictures, unfortunately, his camera settings were off that day, bummer. I had to tease him that my small point & shoot did better then his expensive Nikon ;).

Here we are at Wheeler Farm 2 months ago, trying to get an updated family picture for our wall. The only problem was, we didn't have a seperate photographer, just us and a tri-pod with a timer on our camera. We couldn't find our remote so it was close to impossible to get a good pic of all of us with the timer, it's hard enough with a photographer. But we had fun trying, and after some play time with the kids, we ended up getting some seperate shots...


Anonymous said...

The shots are great! It looks like everyone had fun that day; I love Wheeler Farm, it is nice and peaceful there. Did Josh take the last shot? He is getting really good!

Dianne said...

Thanks Crystal, it was a fun day. Yes, Josh took the last picture, our budding photographer.
You know me, I had to take yours and Quinns challenge and do my first digipage, Yahoo! although I can't take much credit, I used a template from one of those freebie sights you showed me, easy, cute, & quick- just my style.
I may have introduced you to blogging, but thanks for keeping me up on the latest!

Anonymous said...

No problem! Templates are great! I use them all the time. In fact, I'm doing my wedding album right now and most of the pages are templates! It looks great! I'm glad you enjoy making them!

Kim said...

I just found your blog today, your girls (and boys!) are just adorable. How lucky you are to have so many children :)