Friday, January 04, 2008

Let It Snow...


Trevor learning to snowboard

Nick, Josh, Trev, on top of the world

Josh & Sage

Wipe out and still smilin- that's our Sage

Had to share this humongous snowman our friends built. Love the basketball eyes & tree limb arms. They had to use a forklift to finish it. The girls like passing him each morning on the way to their brothers school- they've named him "Max".


D said...

Basketballs as eyes? Yikes.

Where do you guys live???

Diana said...

Wowza! That's probably the biggest snowman I will EVER see on a blog.
I love your theme song.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is a big snowman, Max is a great name for him. What did they use for the mouth?

(did you ever get the header? If not I'll re-email it to you)

Dianne said...

Isn't it gigantic? It still hasn't melted yet.
Crystal, the eyes are made of those large red plastic cups. Pretty clever.
D- call me paranoid, but I haven't shared where we live, you know, safety reasons. But we do have great snow. I enjoy following these fun twin blogs!
Thanks for your comments,