Monday, January 07, 2008

Saved by photoshop

I'm not a big fan of enhanced photo's, some look good, but I usually prefer the natural look, but this overexposed shot desperately needed help.

Paul saved it with a sepia overlay. What a difference. Love it!

Having fun, he added the lucis art touch. Pretty funky, I like it. What do ya think?

It's great what you can do with photoshop and a creative husband ;)

Thanks Crystal for my new header. It's beautiful! I personalized it a bit (yae, I wanted to learn this) and it looks great. You'r a doll and so artistic!


Anonymous said...

I agree; Photoshop is amazing! It is so fun and easy to use.

You're welcome for the header, I'm glad you like it. It turned out great with your changes as well! I'm glad you are learning how to do it, it is definately fun, and addicting! You'll be doing digipages before you know it! hehe ;)

M3 said...

Hooray!! The shots look great. I've had a few shots that were so dang adorable but completely washed out. I'll have to try that sepia-overtone trick.

Lindsay said...

VERY cute pics. I need to learn more about photoshop :)

Sophie's Mom said...

Photoshop is a lifesaver! That turned into a great pic! Your new header is gorgeous, too! Everyone is getting face lifts... I'll have to get one too! ;)

Quinn said...

what a sweet photo! Your girls are just so adorable! I love photoshop for the same reason. It can make just about any shot look fabulous! Can't wait to see your digital scrapbook (wink, wink!).

your blog is always so uplifting & fun! Thanks for the smiles!

Great job Crystal on the header! Love it!

Rony said...

D, I have used the sepia on blurred pictures and it's a great fix.

Your little angels have such cute personalities. Twins are so much fun. I just love our little girls.