Monday, May 19, 2008

Sophie & Sage turned 5!

I'm only allowing 1/2 hour to post...

Sophie top & Sage bottom, showing me how old they are.

I wish I could say it was a perfect day. I knew it would be a challenge with Paul out of town and all that was going on, but I was prepared to make the most of it. Sometimes life throws you a few curve balls, or a great big one.

The morning was great. Sophie and Sage were so excited, they counted down the days to May 18th to turn 5!... Their first surprise was a birthday serenade from their brothers. They were so cute and a little camera shy as I video taped it. They're used to the camera in front of their faces, not the camcorder. Then they had their first Belgian waffle with strawberries & whipped topping, Josh made sure they had extra whipped topping. Delicious!

They're having a b-day party in a couple weeks, but they were thrilled to open a few gifts now... some water wings & pool toys (opened the pool on Saturday, it was so nice and warm :), a cd player for their bedroom, a white musical handmade doll, and their own pink CTR ring. They felt so special and couldn't wait to show everyone and tell them how old they are.

Church was a bit of a nightmare, at least the first part. With Paul gone, me conducting the music & singing, the boys passing the Sacrament, that leaves Trevor and the girls to sit reverently with no adult supervision. Wishful thinking! I even arranged Nick to help with the girls instead of blessing the Sacrament this week, but he was catching up on his sleep right there in church (can't blame him too much though, he didn't get home from work until after 1 am last night, large parties at Boondocks). Anyway, I'm sure the girls are working on their conducting skills and want to join the choir. When they saw me up there singing with a group of ladies, they ran up and started jumping and calling for me right in the middle of our song. I quickly gathered them and flew out the side door for some quiet time in the hall.

But who can get upset with these cuties for very long? They normally do well at church. I was touched by all the offers to help, and didn't even mind the chuckles at our expense, just felt bad for the disruption. One neighbor even rushed out in the hall and offered to be with the girls so I could go back up & sing. It was so thoughtful, but by the time I got back I would probably join in the last verse. We were shortly back in & sitting quietly. This ward is the best!

Happy Birthday Sophie & Sage, you are truly loved!

Last, please keep Paul in your prayers... Right after I put the girls down, I got a phone call from Paul. He was on a desert trip with the guys from work and wasn't expected back until Monday. He had an accident on his bike and was on his way to the ER. So sorry Paul, you know how I felt about this trip. We spent hours in the Emergency Room. No broken bones, but he's banged up and he blew out is knee- knee effusion, ACL/MCL and possibly LCL, 3 of the 4 ligaments are possibly detached from his knee, it's like jello and he can't walk on it. He's seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow and he'll most likely need reconstructive surgery. So sad.

Well, I've gone past my 1/2 hour allotment. I love my family. I'm sure there will be some big challenges ahead, Paul can't even drive or really dress himself, for now anyway. I hate to see him in pain. Does anyone want to buy a motorcycle? Paul just got it a week ago. (of course I'm kidding, I wouldn't wish this on any of you)

As hard as this is, I know it could be worse. He had his helmet, padded jacket, gloves, & boots on. He was so blessed when, shortly after this happened, a man & his family came driving down the river bed in his truck. He was even a firefighter EMT. He got Paul out of the mountain safely. I can't thank him enough. Paul was definately watched over.


Island School House said...

My BIL rides and broke his leg in 7 places one year. He takes it easier now! Its so difficult when the bread winner is the one who gets hurt. I hope that he can have his surgery quickly and get on the mend!

Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage!

Dale said...

Happy 5th birthday to Sophie and Sage. They are so darling. Thanks for your time in blogging. I really appreciate it as a waiting mom (2 yrs. now). Hope your husband is well soon.

mrs.mer said...

I am so thankfull he is ok, it definetley could have been a lot worse! Wow!
I am glad the girls had a fun day even though it was hecktic for you.
The waffles look delicous, I'm sure they were too. I'm sure the girls loved thier pre presents.
Love ya'll and soo glad everyone is ok!!

Rony said...

OMG. I am so sorry to hear about Paul's accident! How painful. AND did you say the girls turned 5?! Oh, the time truly is moving at sonic speed. Your girls are so darn cute!

emiflute said...

Paul will be in our prayers! Wow! Those girls are five!?!?!? I am so sad to not be closer and know them better by now. Of course that is no ones fault. Hang in there and we will be praying for you!

Danny & Lindsay said...

Oh no!!! That is SO SAD! What can we do to help out? Poor Paul, that makes me really sad. Can't wait till Sunday . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne,
I do so enjoy keeping up with you on your beautiful blog. I am so sorry about Paul. You are in my prayers.

Your story about Sophie and Sage reminded me about the time that my husband was in the Bishopric and I was struggling with 3 children, including a baby. The Bishop stood up to start the meeting and my other two children started arguing so loudly that the Bishop had to stop while my husband came off the stand to take them out. Unfortunately that wasn't the only time that my children have had the attention on them. Oh well.

My love to you and your sweet family.
Lisa Busch

The Boyacks said...

Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage!!! I am so sorry that Paul got hurt - is there anything that we can do? Let us know we would be happy to help.

Anonymous said...

We will keep Paul in our prayers! Congratulations on all the birthdays! Love, Russ and Diane

j&jleonard said...

Well, it sounds like you had a pretty crazy weekend. I hope Paul is ok. He will definatly be in our prayers. Tell the girls I say happy birthday nd that I will try to be at there birthday party! I really hope i wont have to work. WEll stay positve and know that you are all loved by a lot of people!


Crystal's Digipages said...

Happy birthday girls! It's hard to believe they are already 5! Wow! They looked really cute in those green dresses!

Poor Paul! I hope he is feeling better and that the surgery goes well! I'm sorry we weren't able to see you today (at grandma's house); it was fun and good food!
Love ya,

Bella's mama said...

Your girls are precious. I am so thankful that I found your blog. I look forward to reading through it!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day,


Nicole said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girls. I'd love to hear how you were so lucky to adopt twins! Prayers for your husband.

I linked to you from "Bits and Pieces of a Blessed Life"-Krista & Mia

JinXiu said...

what beautiful pictures and beautiful girls