Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Check out the the girl's new bunk beds... They are thrilled (it's been about a week now). They both like the top bunk, so they generously take turns each night sleeping on top (soon they'll switch once a week on the day their sheets get washed, but for now it's nightly). The best part is, we finally have space to move around in their bedroom. Thanks Paul! I know what a pain it was to put together. I bought them at a unique furniture/clothing store while the girls were still in China, I'll never do that again- came w/ wrong parts, the sizing wasn't standard, etc. But you made it work and made it safe, thanks hon. They love their new bunkbeds!

Painted Lady Butterflies! The kids enjoyed taking care of the Painted Lady Larvae I ordered, got the idea from a friend. They watched them grow into Catterpillars, spin some silk, enter the pupal stage and harden into chrysalids (cocoons), then watched them emerge into beautiful butterflies! They were intrigued. They named all five... Sagefly, Sophiefly, Trevorfly, Joshfly, & Nickfly :). We thoroughly enjoyed watching this transformation, I even used it as part of our FHE lesson as we released them (lifespan is only 2-4 weeks), reaching your goals, going for what you want!

Love the top left picture of conversation between Sage & Uncle Mike, and Sage wearing his glasses.

Sophie very interested in the pictures of Jenny's children on her ipod :)

It was so nice seeing Jenny (Paul's sis) and Bruce the other day while they were in town. It was a good time. I'm thankful for our families, they always make our children feel so special!! Each night, Sophie and Sage pray for pretty much each of them individually!

sweet secrets for sisters...

I'm thankful for girl time with my daughters... Dad and the boys were gone to a scout meeting so the girls and I had a charming, cozy Tea Party. They are such a joy!! Of course, I love time with my boys as well, it's nice to have both!

I'm thankful that Spring has sprung! Although we're having a cold streak, my tulips have bloomed, and Sophie & Sage are blossoming more each day!

Doesn't get much better then this... (from Sage) S & S love to surprise me and bring a smile to my face. They melt my heart!

Last, big hugs to Danny & Lindsay! Glad the boys could help you move the other day, although we really wanted to throw away the keys so you couldn't leave. You will be truly missed by our whole family!! We'll come see you in LA for sure. Congratulations on finishing this part of your schooling and doing soo well!! This song's for you, from the boys (I'll never forget your whole car bouncing to the beat in St. George). The girls like it too, although I've changed some of the words when we sing it ;) Love you guys!


Kelli said...

I have seen a kit on comercials for that butterfly thing and keep tossing it around in my head. Did you get it for less than the comercial of 29.95? Even I personally would love to watch that process. Great pics of all your activities.

Dianne said...

Kelli, so true, I was just as intrigued as the kids were when they transformed into butterflies, it was very cool! I got mine at Basically the same thing as the commercials, same price, but a different company. Way worth it. Once you have the habitat, you can order more, or just find catterpillars to take care of. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love the spring too. I can't wait to go on a picnic and enjoy it. I also have not been swimming yet which I can't wait to do either.
I think it is great the way you make lessons out of things theyare into. It makes them look at in in a whole other way...

Danny & Lindsay said...

Ha ha, love your new playlist, especially Gwen--brings back good memories. We totally miss you guys, and we'll do what we can to see you guys on the 17th, it should work out. Poor Sage! Way-to-go for being SO tough! Doesn't surprise me that the doctor thought she was so smart, both of those cuties are. We love you guys! We'll try to bring you back a little something :)