Friday, May 02, 2008

Wish I could take her place...

Sage had to get stitches tonight :(.

I gave the kids (Trevor & the girls) 5 more minutes to play in the yard before coming in for dinner, they were having so much fun. The next thing you know, Trevor walked Sage in and she was literally full of blood, all down her face, neck and front of her dress, even in her eye. I must have gasped when I saw her, my heart skipped a beat, which made her start crying intensely (she was very serious but didn't start crying until she saw my reaction, oops). I got her cleaned up and although it wasn't as bad as it first appeared, she had a nice size gash on the top of her forehead, I knew she needed stitches. Yes, I cried, not in front of her of course, thinking of her getting stitches, not knowing how she would handle it all, and wishing I could take it away and go through it for her.

Paul was still at work, the boys had a friend over, and I was still getting dinner on the table. Talk about stress! I toughened up and quickly put Nick in charge at home, talked Sophie into staying home, reinforcing her that Sage will be ok, and ran Sage to the ER. Two hours and 4 stitches later we were home and ready for bed. They took very good care of her. She held my hand tight the whole time, but she did amazingly well. While we were waiting, I told her that Trevor had to get stitches once. Her first question was- "Did he cry?" Hmmm... "no, he didn't even cry." I told a fib. At first, the Dr. was going to use a glue to suture it together, but after a closer look, decided he better stitch it up. Sage was nervous, but she didn't even cry! I'm sure it hurt and stung like crazy right there on her forehead, but she held still and was very observant with everything, trying to look at her forehead. The medical staff was so proud of her and thrilled at how tough she was and easy to work with. There were four of them standing around her at one time, the nurse said, "she doesn't need any of us here (to hold her down), but she is just so cute and tough.
After listening to Sage & I talk, the Dr. commented "she's not only beautiful, she's smart too." ( I know, you thought he was talking about me, lol) As much as I loath Emergency rooms, I'm so thankful for all they do. I'm also very grateful to have answers to my prayers, that all was well with sweet Sage, it could've been a lot worse.

I'll be buying some cute hats for the summer, to keep the incision covered (a lot of sunblock for swimming, plus someway to keep it covered in the water, any ideas?). It shouldn't leave a big scar. Sage was very happy to bring home a purple teddy bear, coloring book & crayons for her and Sophie, sucker, stickers, and a bag to put it all in. They took good care of our girl.


Kelli said...

I hate it when our children get hurt. Since I only see S&S together, I am proud they separated at such a difficult scary time for both of them. Good job for them both, new country, new language and to separate during such a hard time. Such big girls. (maybe they separate alot, I dont know but they seem so close, in all the pictures)

Cindy said...

Good Job of being so brave Sage!!! You are such a big girl and your sister did a good job staying home!

Try the tatoo band aids, I think they are also water proof. Merderma for kids is also great for fading scars.

Good Luck

licorice stick lady said...

wow! I'm so sorry! Maybe Vaseline would help repel water??? I don't know if they advise against that or not on a wound, but it was just a thought. Good luck! Hope she recovers alright and soon!

Dianne said...

Thanks for your comments. You're so right kelli, we do try to sneak some one-on-one time with each- S & S, but other then that, they are almost always together, by choice. And I appreciate your input, it's nice when people realize what they've been through- older adoption and all, so thanks!
(Not that they need any pity, I just appreciate those who understand and consider their past, and all the new stuff they've had to learn and get used too)
And thanks for the tips on her scar Cindy & Leslie, very useful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a toughy! Those crazy girls, they are always so bouncy! I am glad she is doing good..

Maybe a swimming cap? Would that cover it?
There is also a bandaid that acts as a second skin. You CANNOT take it off until it is healed though. It creates a bubble inside the bandiad. I don't know if I would use it though, come to think.. She might take it off. (I had one on a bad cut one time and took it off after a couple days and it ripped the scap open again.) They are definately water proof though!

Those bunk beds are way cute! I'm sure they are loving them!