Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taken it easy...

Big thanks for your nice comments and concerns for Paul. We appreciate your good wishes and prayers!

It's been a bit of a whirlwind. Paul had an MRI on his knee last Thursday, we'll receive the results on Tuesday (aah, to have a Dr.'s 3 day a week work schedule, shouldn't complain, I'm thankful for all they do, just anxious to hear the results). It takes a lot to keep Paul down and he went back to work last Tuesday, swallowing the pain. Coming home early most days in pain with major swelling, but he's able to ice it often and rest every chance he gets. He gets around fairly well with his brace and crutches and can even drive, barely. He's hanging in there and staying positive. In the midst of all this, I came down with a chest and head cold, coughing that kept me up half the nights. Ya, quite a pathetic pair. Felt bad I wasn't 100% to take better care of Paul & family, it's been so long since I've been sick, it had to be now.

I wondered how the girls would do during all of this, they love to get out and have fun. I was pleased to see them understand that daddy is hurt and mom is sick, so they were patient but would often ask, "are you all better now?" It was sweet to see Sophie, out of the blue, go get a glass of ice-water for Paul while he was elevating his leg. And Sage, although she says she's too old for naps now, come lie down with me while I was resting and end up napping with mom just so she can be close to me. They have been happy and helpful. Nick was busy with work, swim team, & school, but I can't thank Josh enough for taking over, preparing meals, and filling in where needed. He is always great to help. And Trevor, as always, played and enjoyed the girls like he does. They can't get enough of Trevor, he's the coolest thing in their eyes!

Sophie and Sage dressed themselves and did their own hair today, notice how Sophie chose her favorite color, not pink- RED, and Sage dressed in fashionable layers, sporting her favorite Beijing olympic T-shirt on top :) They must've put 5 things in their hair, fancy girls.

We had a low-key and very delightful BBQ on Sunday...

A dessert 'to die for', thanks Danny & Lindsay. What a good time, just what the Dr. ordered!

And thanks Kathy for taking my boys to the Bee's Baseball Game Friday night. They had a great time and I was able to get some things done. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, at home and blogging friends!


Kelli said...

ok, so in the red shirt pics, did someone tell them to cross there ankles? I cant even get my 2 and 3 year old to both look at the camera at the same time. Hope you all cont to get better soon. That is horrible that you got sick at the same time. Its meant to make everyone appreciate all you do, you know that right. hehe

We almost got to go the special olympics in China, My Kyler got three gold metals at cycling but they ended up with so many qualifiers that they did a lottery drawing, boo hoo. We so wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow Paul is ambitious! Hopefully the results come back good!
I am glad everyone is holding up while you and Paul are down! You have raised some fabulous kids!

Shalise said...

Sorry to hear that you and Paul have not felt the greatest, I would imagine he feels helpless. I know what you mean about being sick; I have been sick this last week as well, w/the cough and chest thing as well it is so weird but then again the weather is weird back and forth.

Your kids are cute, your boys are SO good with Sophie and Sage; What a great family.

Thanks for your posts and comments it's always good to hear them when feeling down and out.

The Boyacks said...

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. love to have the kids over to play and give you time to catch up or just relax!

Anonymous said...

Man you all are truley blessed to havesuch a close loving family! I can't wait till I can start mine. I am glad Paul still go to enjoy the BBQ, you to Di for that matter. Tell Paul he should do heat therapy, heat for about 2hours three times a day, with ice in between, he needs the muscles to relax. Love you all, hope to see you soon