Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho- {Sunday Snapshot}

Scan 2Sophie black, Sage red

Sophie and Sage were thrilled to see Santa (I remember the time they wouldn’t sit on his lap without me right there with them), they have certainly got over that. Santa spent some time talking to each one, so cute, but probably about fell off his chair when he asked what they wanted for Christmas and they both asked for an Ipod Touch. Of course, that’s what Trevor wants so I wasn’t too surprised, although he is 12, not 7 :) Santa told me how lucky I am to have these girls (for sure!), he has 5 boys. wow, blessings too.

DSC01565 DSC01568 DSC01569DSC01594

The day before Thanksgiving, we had some sweet girltime at the mall while the boys were out hiking and shooting- boytime. We picked out a few things for Grandma, brothers, and friends, then off to see Santa. Then lunch in the food court (nothing like cheese on a stick [deep fried] w/ ice cold lemonade), I can justify eating like that every once in awhile. We checked out the toy store on the way out and the girls changed their minds with what they really want for Christmas (fingers crossed). I’ve always been slow to get my kids electronic devices too early, the Wii is good enough right now. Trust me, I've seen too many teenagers with earphones attached to their ears (mine are close), don’t want to start that at 7.

I love Macy’s this time of year, brings back memories of a display job I had years ago at the mall, all decked out for the holidays. The girls wrote another letter on the way out letting Santa know what they would rather have, feeling safe as they added that Trevor would really like an Ipod Touch, I'm sure counting on him sharing. Good choice, hope Santa’s not confused. Great girltime at the mall!

Ni Hao Y'all

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